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We have officially started the development work on the new residential development (Phase 1) which will include homes north of the current Clubhouse location. In addition, we will construct two new golf holes and a beautiful short game area featuring a practice chipping and bunker area along with a fantastic (large) new practice putting green. It is our hope that if all goes well that we will be using the new short game area and practice putting green as early as late spring, 2019.

Over the next several months we will be doing a significant amount of earthwork in preparation of the homesites and golf holes. You will see dramatic changes to the area north of 161st Street. The practice range is no longer in use and we have set up a hitting net for you to hit balls prior to commencing play on the golf course.

You can refer to this as your informational page that will assist you in understanding all that is happening, as well as photos to keep you abreast of the progress on the project.

A temporary parking lot will be prepared just north and west of the current west parking lot. The temp parking lot should be ready for use within the next week. For a short period of time we will be utilizing the current main entrance as both an entrance and exit to Wood Wind. This will be short term until we have the temp parking lot complete. We will then have an exit to Towne Road to ease the confusion at the main entrance.

The two new golf holes have been designed by local golf course Architect Ron Kern. Ron has also designed the new short game area and practice putting green. You will love it!

Lastly, we will have in the Clubhouse a conceptual layout of the project to assist you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Head Golf Professional, Jake Peacock or email Doc O’Neal, who will be the project manager for Cohoat and O’Neal.



Photos (11/30/2018)

New residential main drive getting ready for curbs and asphault by December 15th!!


Our old “Ballroom” where we stored range balls, regripped clubs, and washed golf carts was demolished on 11/20/2019 to make way for our new hitting mat and net… Exciting times!!



New sanitary line being installed behind the Clubhouse



Photos (11/9/2018)

Passing blister going east past main entrance


Entrance ramp on the right of photo to main entrance



Photos (11/5/2018)

Main entrance to the residential community


Main drive into residential community taking shape


Lime stabilization work continues for main road into community



Photos (10/30/2018)

Short game work continues


Gravel and sand sub-surface for practice green


Drainage installation for practice chipping and bunker green



Photos (10/25/2018)

Practice chipping and bunker green being prepped for final details


Pratice green being drained and prepped for final grade and seed


Main road into the residential development through the old pond behind the pavilion being prepped



Photos (10/14/2018)

10,000 square foot practice green on the left side of the photo with one of the two bunkers on the right side of the photo.

Main drive through old pavilion nearly complete and ready for the next stage of construction.

New practice bunker

Practice chipping green and pitching green


Photos (10/7/2018)

Looking down the 2nd new golf hole from the teeing area (Par 4)


The new short game area with practice chipping green (10,000 square feet) with two bunkers and closely mown areas to practice your shots around the green has started!


Detention work along the west side of the 2nd new golf hole


New practice putting green that is approximately 6,500 squared feet outlined below.


Short game area taking shape



Photos (10/1/2018)

Dry detention area continutes to be dug out

Old Pavilion pond continues to be filled

New water mainline work continues that will assist in irrigating the two new golf holes and short game area

Work begins on the new short game area


Photos (9/17/2018)

Infastructure work continuesClearing and grading work continutes for new golf holes and residential sites


The pond behind the Pavilion has been filled to make way for development



Clearing and detention area is progressing on 2nd new golf hole, Par 4


Storm drain work on the maind drive continues to make strides


Dry detention west of 2nd new golf hole is taking shape


Our new irrigation mainline to proveide water to the new golf holes and new short game facility started Monday, September 14th!



Photos (8/31/2018)

Infastructure work continues



Beginning the process to build the new homesite pads


Looking to the northwest over the new Main Drive at homesites and new golf holes.

Clearing land for homesites and new golf holes


The view from the tee of the 1st new golf hole, a 175 Yard Par 3. The angle is directly towards the tallest tree limbs in the middle of the photo.

Current view from the tee of the 2nd new golf hole…. This is the “before” and we can’t wait for the “after”!


Looking north back on the 2nd new golf hole. The Par 4 will play from north to south back towards 161st Street.

The tree line & Out-of-Bounds will be just to the left of the fairway.

Homesite locations east of the new Main Drive


Residential work continues

Looking north from the new Main Drive with homesites to the left and right.


Photos (8/24/2018)

Our temporary parking is complete



Trees have been cleared to make room for a new golf hole to the east of the old Practice Facility.


Heavy machinery is on the move to begin shaping!




Photos (8/17/2018)

Our Practice Facility is closed for construction


Equipment is being staged to the west of where the range was in preparation of earth movement for the new Practice Facility, (2) new golf holes, and the housing addition.


A hitting net has been installed next to the 1st tee for warmup shots


We no longer have an east exit


Millings from the old east exit will be used for our new temporary parking lot to the west of the Cart Barn.



The old “Lean To” built on the Cart Barn was prepped for demolititon to make space for the new temporary parking lot. This demolition started Friday, August 17th.