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----Keith, Student of Trent Barlow, PGA Director of Instruction in March 2017

"I was recently out at Wood Wind Golf Club to get some help with my short game. I was introduced to Mr. Trent Barlow who is the new Director of Instruction at Wood Wind. Wood Wind is a very well managed golf club that has always provided me with excellent service and facilities so I knew he would be an asset to my game. What I didn't know was how good he is at communication and instruction.

He is easy to talk to and quick to respond to phone calls and texts, which is BIG for those who are very busy, like myself. He also is great at giving you the information you need to improve your game in an constructive way, and not just telling you what you are doing wrong. He helped me understand what and why we were doing the drills we were doing and was always happy to stop and answer my many questions.

He is a real solid instructor who takes pride in helping people play better golf. I would recommend anyone looking for help or just needing tips on how to improve there golf game give him a call, it will be well worth it."


----Tom, DEEM Mechanical and Electrical Company, Golf Clinic in November 2013

            “I just want to thank you and your staff for hosting DEEM and our clients at Wood Wind Golf Club. A memorable day was had by all involved! The food and beverage selections; the golf instruction, the club fitting, the new Nike driver and shoes, the interaction with the instructors and everyone at Wood Wind was first class.

Most importantly we were able to spend quality time with 10 clients and prospective clients. This was a day unlike any they have experienced before and that was exactly what we hoped to achieve. Thank you again for your help and we look forward to hosting 1 – 2 similar events with you.”


----Nick, Huntington Insurance, Golf Clinic in November 2013

            “Please allow this as a testimonial and extension of my gratitude for the exceptional Corporate Clinic that your organization hosted for Huntington at Wood Wind Golf Club on August 22nd, 2013. From all angles, this event was extremely successful. I found it easy to plan, cost effective, and beneficial to our guests.

I appreciated the ability to work with your event planner prior to the event. She was flexible in her ability to accommodate our budget, manage time effectively, and understand our goals for the event. Because of the organization and planning prior to the event, I have complete confidence in Wood Wind’s ability to execute an event to any client’s expectations.

The level of instruction was second to none. I enjoyed the breakout sessions during which we focused on short game, full swing and putting. Instruction was particularly helpful when provided in small groups to accommodate a variety of experience and skill levels. From a novice to a zero handicap, the feedback was consistent that each person walked away with a new perspective to their golf game.

My clients specifically found the opportunity to play the front 9 with an instructor extremely helpful. The ability to immediately use the knowledge gained on the practice facility and apply it to real life “on course-play” proved beneficial for everyone.

The Corporate Clinic was a perfect setting to learn more about our prospects and clients in a social setting. The feedback from our attendees was extremely positive and they are looking forward to the next event we host at your venue as an opportunity for further instruction.”